There are several DJs in India that are making several innovative and eclectic mixes. There are several 2016 bollywood EDM DJ remixes that are currently popular in India. This article will discuss the best DJs producing music in India.

1. DJ NYK- Nikhil Sahni:
DJ NYK is based in New Delhi but has played in several popular clubs across the globe. He is a dedicated artist who never fails to channel all of his passion into each and every project he handles. He is responsible for several of the best DJ Bollywood songs, that is why he is popularly referred to as the “King Of Remixes” DJ Nyk continues to ride high not only as a DJ but also as a producer of Bollywood songs.

2. DJ AQEEL-Aqeel:
Dj Aqeel is another top notch Bollywood Producer/DJ. He is also a passionate businessman in the Indian Entertainment Industry. He rose to popularity after his “Shake it Daddy” remix became popular in the year 2000.

3 DJ Akhil Talreja:
DJ Akhil Talreja is renowned for his production of several Bollywood remixes. His music is remarkably known for creating excitement on the dance floor. He started his career at the age of 17 in the year 2001. At that time he was among the youngest in India. With an experience of 15 years in the industry he remains one of the most promising and experienced DJs in Bollywood. Apart from his skills as a DJ he has also established himself as a well known music producer in India.

4.DJ Nikhil Chinappa:
DJ Nikhil Chinappa is the executive manager of Submerge, India’s first and currently largest Electronic Dance Music (EDM) company.

5. DJ Ankytrix:
DJ Ankytrix is a progressive DJ in India with a fan base reaching as far as Nepal. He is a master blaster in clubs with an energetic and charismatic performance.

6. DJ Suketu- Suketu Radia:
DJ Suketu came to the scene at a time when DJing was not very popular. That was back in the year 2001. With consistent hardwork, DJ Suketu has produced some of the most successful Bollywood remixes of all time.

7. DJ Lemon-Anil Chainani:
DJ Lemon has shared the console with several big names in the Bollywood industry, This has given his popularity a huge boost across India. He was one of the pioneers of EDM when it was still relatively unpopular. Aside from being a DJ he is also a remarkable producer of Bollywood Music. He is renowned for creating his own composition of remixing thereby introducing a new dimension of remixing.

8. DJ Abhishek Mantri:
DJ Abhishek Mantri is known for generating excitement and energy at any event or club where he performs. He is known for exploring and incorporating various genres of music into his set thereby elevating the mood of the crowd with fun and unexpected flow.His fascination with music started at the early age of 16. This eventually turned into his profession when he realized that he has found his passion in life.

9. DJ Akbar Sami:
DJ Akbar Sami rose to fame with his first remix album “Jalwa” and has since produced other incredible music. He has not only impressed crowds in India but globally.